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Glaucoma Education Resources

Education is a primary goal of the Iowa Glaucoma Team

Iowa Glaucoma Video Curriculum

Dr. Wallace L.M. Alward has prepared 50+ focused video lectures that form a framework of knowledge for managing glaucoma

Gonioscopy Video Atlas

Dr. Wallace L.M. Alward has collected hundreds of gonioscopic videos of patients with all types of glaucoma. 

A Patient's Guide to Glaucoma

Dr. Young Kwon, Dr. John Fingert, and Dr. Emily Greenlee wrote a book to educate glaucoma patient's about their disease.

EyeAware: Glaucoma Patient Education Videos

Dr. Erin Boese's videos educates patients about glaucoma surgeries.

Eyes For Ears: Ophthalmology Resident Education Podcast

Dr. Andrew Pouw's podcast prepares

residents for the OKAP exam.  

Eye Rounds

Interesting case reports from University of Iowa Ophthalmology Residents and Faculty 

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